PEKERLER CONSTRUCTION which was established in 1986 and is one of the most experienced companies of its sector has succeeded a lot of infrastructure and superstructure projects since its establishment.

It has gained an important place in Turkish construction sector with the hospitals, shopping centres, commercial premises, housing complexes, university campuses, education complexes, sports centres, industrial plants, infrastructure works, retaining structures, highways, tunnels, viaducts, restoration works and recreational facilities that it constructed.

Our company is making investments on technological hardware, equipment and human resources in order to meet its requirements and to leave strong, high quality, and high grade constructions to the future. It pays strict attention to have educated and experienced staff, develop their expertise fields, maintain a compatible team work and keep the safety of workers at high levels .

PEKERLER CONSTRUCTION which accepts submitting the projects that it undertakes in time and with suitable quality as the most important working principle, has the quality certificates which are valid internationally. As a result of its responsibility against humanity, it believes the importance of continuation of the ecologic balances without disturbing; therefore, it prefers working with the methods and materials which do not have negative effect on the environment and humans.

We are making a progress day by day through our target to be the pioneers of the construction sector both in our country and in the world with all the qualifications we have.